Rupali Bank Branches in Jamalpur

Rupali Bank Branches in Jamalpur

There are total 9 branches of Rupali Bank Limited situated at Jamalpur district in Bangladesh. Following table of all branches in Jamalpur district will help you to have any particular branch address address with location, telephone number, routing number, SWIFT code and other related information. Clicking the branch names will show you branch information directly. We have arranged the list by branch names alphabetically.

Branch Name Address Telephone
Aram Nagar Aram Nagar, Sarishabari, Jamalpur
Boira Bazar Boira Bazar, Sarishabari, Jamalpur 017 91202575, 01926054066
Dharmakura Bazar Dharmakura Bazar, Jamalpur 09824 74015, 01919881000
Dhurmut Bazar Dhurmut Bazar, Jamalpur 09824 74015, 01919881000
Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar, Jamalpur 0981 63265, 017 18122199
Jamuna Sar Karkhana Jamuna Sar Karkhana, Jamalpur 017 75782308, 0175158175
Koyra Bazar Koyra Bazar, Madarganj, Jamalpur 017 18144236
Melandah Melandah, Jamalpur 09826 56014, 01720471537
Sarishabari Sarishabari, Jamalpur 09827 56011, 01712718215


Note: Branch service hours may vary and are subject to change without any notice by the respective bank. All information about bank and branch displayed above is collected from respective bank’s website or profile. is not responsible if found any wrong or incomplete branch information in this page. If found any wrong information, please contact us so that we could update database in the shortest time.

About Rupali Bank

Rupali Bank Limited was constituted with the merger of three erstwhile commercial banks, i.e., Muslim Commercial Bank Limited, Australasia Bank Limited and Standard Bank Limited operated in then Pakistan on March 26, 1972 under the Bangladesh Banks Nationalization Order 1972, with all their assets, benefits, rights, powers, authorities, privileges, liabilities, borrowings and obligations. Rupali Bank worked as a nationalized commercial bank till December 13, 1986. Rupali Bank Ltd. emerged as the largest Public Limited Banking Company of the country on December 14, 1986. The vision of the bank is to expand our loyal customer base by being known as the financial partner of choice that constantly exceeds customer expectations.

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